Requirements for Membership     

Individuals interested in joining the North Texas Independent Sports officials must:


If you agree with all the above statements, please
Complete and Submit the "New Membership Online Application"

    STEP - 1  Complete and submit our online registration form

                      Submit cash or a money order payable to the NTISO for $50.00

                            Your cash payment or money order covers the cost associated with registration and a

                            background check. Sorry we do not accept checks or credit cards.

                      Pass a back ground check


    STEP - 2  Set up and participate in a Candidate Interview session

                            Candidates will participate in a one-on-one meeting to allow an open exchange of questions, discuss

                            any history or experience you may have had surrounding sports, and the sharing of our philosophy and

                            how it fits with your own life's priorities and views.  During your interview together we will discover and

                            establish your own personal training program.


                            Bring to your interview a photocopy of your drivers license & social security card and a blank CD-R/CD-RW.


    STEP - 3   Complete your NTISO training program.

                            Your training schedule will be developed based upon previous officiating experience. New member training

                            consists of classroom instruction, field mechanics exercises and two evaluation none compensated scrimmage

                            assignments.  The two evaluation scrimmages will be required regardless of experience or in the case of any

                            current member who decides to officiate for the first time a secondary sport.


             Training sessions are normally scheduled on a Sundays, but may also be scheduled on a Saturday